Jason Smith

Operations Manager and Builder
January 1, 2017

Jason Smith is the silent force behind Quinebaug Kennels. He is Jennifer’s husband, business partner and best friend. Jason and Jennifer built Quinebaug’s new kennel complex themselves 9 years ago. It took a year to complete the building, working together as a team nearly every evening from 6pm until midnight. Currently, each season Jason works on new projects to add to the facility. Jason is an extremely talented custom builder. Since joining forces with Quinebaug full time in 2011, there is hardly a day that goes by where Jason is not on the farm solving maintenance problems, assisting employees, or on the tractor. He handles all of the “behind the scenes projects” such as the major day to day operations from ATV mechanic, to custom carpentry, to a supportive shoulder to cry on! Jason is a kind, caring animal lover and he allows QK to run like a well oiled machine. If it breaks, bleeds, or blows up….Jason can fix it! Jason is adored and respected by all who meet him, and he is Jennifer’s greatest supporter.