Jessica Velasquez

Obedience Dog Trainer

Jessica, a valued member of our family is currently on leave, welcoming a new member of her family.  We wish all a happy and healthy new arrival and look forward to Jessica returning following her leave. 

Jessica Velasquez has had a passion for dogs ever since she could walk. She grew up with an Austrian Shepard/ chow mix where her love for rescue and shelter dogs began. As an adult, she moved to Texas and adopted Harley, a Catahoula mix who then became her ESA and that’s where her love for training started to flourish. Jessica started watching dog training videos and attending training classes in Texas. She then had an opportunity to move back to Connecticut and work at QK. Jessica started off as kennel care where her devotion and love for all things dogs became very clear to staff and clients. She was then given an opportunity to become an assistant trainer. You can find Jessica snuggling dogs in the Lodge, giving kisses to dogs during nail trims, and working hard training dogs in our Agility Ring. Jessica has a special fondness for hounds as she owns a Tree Walking Coonhound that she rescued. She is patient, loving, and bubbly. Come meet Jessica today!