Kiira Huhta

Obedience Trainer

Born and raised right here in eastern Connecticut, Kiira always had a infinite love for animals. Growing up her family owned German Shepherds and farm animals but later brought home a little yellow American lab puppy named Star that sparked Kiira’s passion for dogs. After raising Star, she decided to expand her pack and branch out into the bully breeds. Upon bringing home Diesel, an American Staffordshire Mastiff mix, she fell completely in love with the pit bull breed. After Diesels unfortunate passing, Kiira decided to become an advocate for Pit bulls and pursue her dream of working with dogs. In January of 2018, Kiira applied for a job at QK to broaden her knowledge and to do what she is truly passionate about, providing care for canines. You can find Kiira out on the ATVs running dogs, caring for the boarding dogs, at the front desk on Fridays, checking your dogs in for boarding or snuggling the lodge pups in the back. When Kiira isn’t at QK she’s caring for her two young kiddos, Otto and Miia, as a single mom and being a dog mom to Nova.