Kiira Huhta

Obedience Trainer

Born and raised right here in eastern Connecticut, Kiira always had a infinite love for animals. Growing up her family owned German Shepherds and farm animals but later she brought home a little yellow American lab puppy named Star that sparked her true passion for dogs.

Kiira graduated high school early in 2012 and pursued her current dream at a local community college. When she wasn’t at college, Kiira was volunteering her time at the Mystic Aquarium rescue and rehabilitation center along with local shelters. While working towards her associates degree, Kiira also attended modeling school at John Casablanca’s, which she completed in 2013. After countless hours tending for other animals, she decided to adopt her first dog, Diesel. Diesel was an American Staffordshire terrier, mastiff mix and topped out at 120 lbs before his lymphoma diagnoses at just the age of two. Since then Kiira has devoted many hours helping and providing knowledge to “bully” owners and looks to be the voice of the breed at QK. Kiira specializes in these breeds and hopes to one day own her own rescue to help rehabilitate and educate the more tougher souls, along with their potential owners.

In January of 2018, Kiira applied for a job at QK to broaden her knowledge and to do what she is truly passionate about, providing care for canines. Kiira climbed the company ladder and started out as Kennel Care, Kennel Kare Lead, Public Relations/Senior Kennel Care and now to Obedience Trainer. Kiira is also one of the Obedience Trainers that is a certified Canine Good Citizen evaluator.

When Kiira isn’t at QK, she tends to her two beautiful children and loving husband. Currently she owns two dogs but in the next year her pack will be growing! Kiira’s goal is to help provide education to owners, rebalance the canines, and forever broaden her knowledge to be a better handler.