Lee Wrigley

QK Landscaping and Grounds
December 15, 2016

Lee Wrigley has been growing plants since he was a kid. Ever since graduating college in 1982, he has been growing plants in one form or another. Lee has managed nurseries growing trees, shrubs, and perennials; he has owned his own retail garden center; and he has grown in his own greenhouses (and still does part-time). His passion is growing flowers of all sorts that will look good all season long. He has been planting his own yard, which happens to be across the street from the kennels, for years with beds full of flowers that are stunning.

In 2016, Lee landscaped the massive expanse along the front of the new Lodge building at QK. Then, in 2017, Lee joined the staff at QK taking care of the landscaped grounds. He maintains the expansive grass areas used for training, as well as planting and tending all the beautiful flowers in pots and in the ground.

Lee lives on the farm across the street from the kennel with his wife Missy and adopted twins Baileigh and Blake. The twins are their second time around raising kids, as their older children are grown and on with their adventures. Lee and Missy also adopted Belle in 2017, a rescue pup from Georgia. She has been enrolled in both the training and daycare programs at QK with outstanding results!