Patricia Barkas

Assistant Office Manager

Patricia Barkas has been with us for 8 years. She has successfully worked a variety of positions at the kennel such as manager and groomer while we have been growing and building our staffing teams. Patricia comes with a lifetime of dog handling experience and feels at ease helping with all aspects of canine care, from nutritional and health needs, to exercising and training. Patricia is simply in tune with the needs of dogs and quickly assesses each of our boarder’s temperaments and requirements so that they can be matched up with playmates (or NOT!). She knows how to keep our boarders happy, comfortable and content. Patricia is like a family member at Quinebaug Kennels and we adore her! “P” as we all call her is also extremely passionate about greyhound rescue and owns a wonderful greyhound rescue, Frankie, whom she has beautifully trained and given a wonderful loving home. She owns two beautiful standard poodles, Chowder and Willow. Patricia now best enjoys being part of the Kennel Care Staff where she spend her time caring for all of our kennel dogs. Thank you so much Patricia for your outstanding dedication, devotion and commitment to Quinebaug Kennels!