Summer Classes at QK

March 27, 2018

We are looking to offer some fun new classes at QK for the summer! These classes will be taught by a variety of QK trainers, each focusing on their specialties or areas of interest. Here are some of our current ideas:

Dog Obedience for Kids

(ages 6 and up welcome to learn about dog training)

Puppy Classes (pups 3 months to 12 months)

Group Obedience Classes for leash work, manners and patience

Advanced Leash and Offleash work for field dogs with Jennifer Broome

If any of these classes interest you, contact Jennifer Broome

We would like to get an idea if there is interest in these classes. These classes will be walk-in on weeknights and weekend mornings. Times and dates to be announced. Cost will be $25 per dog/handler team per class. If more than 1 family member is working the same dog, $10 per additional handler.