Team QK Rescues a Dog in Need

January 8, 2019

By Jennifer Broome, QK Owner

Since I have been involved with dogs, I have always wanted to help.  I want to help people and their dogs. I started training dogs for the pure love of being around them, working with them, studying them, and learning from them.  I am always a student of the dog.  In the 25+ years I have been training professionally, I have had the opportunity to work with thousands of dogs—from puppies that I whelped, to puppies owned by clients, purebreds, mixes, problem dogs, abused dogs, rescue dogs, and old dogs that needed help.

While my background began with sporting dogs, particularly Labrador Retrievers, I certainly am a bit biased about purebred dogs from reputable breeders in order to strive for the best health, temperament, and trainability. I also own dogs for a purpose such as hunting, showing, competing and breeding; the training of these animals is a constant commitment throughout their lifetime.

I have a tremendous admiration and respect for anyone who rescues dogs, whether they are from an ‘oops’ litter, a shelter, a rescue group, or any other means. When people find the compassion and dedication to devote to a dog and accept them as beloved family pet with the goal of helping to provide that dog with a stable, safe life is truly awesome. There are too many dogs out there that need homes.

I have helped many families find, rescue and adopt dogs over the years. I have assisted in re-homing dogs that did not get along in their current situation, ones that lost their homes or owners, and I have helped to train dogs from rescue groups for obedience or field work in order to make them more adoptable for families.

QK now wants to give back!  As a team, the QK crew is looking to adopt a rescue dog and keep that dog for as many months as we need to in order to provide quality nutrition, socialization with people and other dogs, exercise, and intense training.  From our managers to our kennel care, groomers, and trainers we are going to help provide a safe, kind, loving and structured environment for this dog. QK employees can take this dog home for visits, take it on field trips, give it special attention and one on one time. Our goal as a team will be to provide this dog with a foundation for training and social skills so that he or she can successfully and safely be adopted to the correct family. We will interview people who may be interested and we will help to choose the family that best matches this dog’s needs!

We are in the process of evaluating some dogs now and plan to foster, train and re-home several dogs each year!

Stay tuned for more information regarding this fun, new adventure and team project that will not only bring the QK crew more closely together, but will help to find a dog in need a loving home!