December 21, 2020

Our 18 week old GSP female just came home after a 2-week leash training with Chris. We were so very impressed with Chris’s professionalism, dedication, and instruction methods. He spent 2 hours with us before he even brought Blintz out, explaining everything and answering all our questions. After he brought Blintz down he spent another hour walking her through all her trading and then having us each go through the steps with her.

By the way, the QK facility is spotless and the indoor and outdoor facilities are first class. It’s a beautiful part of Connecticut well suited for the training tasks.

We got Blintz home and she is a changed puppy. So disciplined and calm at “Place & Down” yet full of her Puppy spirit when outdoors. “Leave it” is now a command that works. She returned to us healthy and looking great.

We cannot thank Chris and QK enough for transforming our pup. We look forward to the future for off-leash training with Chris.

Richard & Taffy

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