July 2, 2021

I read yesterday’s newsletter from QK kennel and there was an interesting article from the head trainer and owner Jennifer Broome. She expressed her concerns over owners not taking on their responsibilities in continuing the work QK trainers put into working with our dogs. I agree with her completely.

We send Bodhi back often to have free time at QK; he is a city dog and requires outdoor space and lots of activity. Living here in NYC comes with lots of distractions.

We are committed to helping train Bodhi despite the environmental noise of this city. Some of that commitment means we have him return to QK as often as he can as a reminder of good behavior. We definitely lack the skills the trainers have but will continue to invest in getting Bodhi the best resources available. For us, that is the QK kennel organization.

We thank you guys and appreciate the help you’ve given us. We will continue to work with Bodhi and look forward to him being the best [ tired ] dog ever! I’m looking forward to taking him on outdoor expeditions, I know he has the potential.

Please feel free to pass this on the Jennifer Broome, You guys are doing great in training owners, thank you so very much.

Bruni Nazario

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