May 25, 2021

For Marie,

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Yesterday, we picked up our five-month-old rambunctious, sassy, funny, LOUD GSP, Cleo. WOW, what a difference two weeks made! We got home cautiously optimistic…. and boy were we pleasantly surprised! Our puppy who has never once slept in her crate, spent a quiet night there last night. We are amazed to say the least! The work that Marie did with her is truly amazing. We brought home our same sweet girl, but with a completely different attitude about who is boss.

QK is fantastic! The facility impressed us beyond expectation with cleanliness and organization. The staff was all sweet to our annoying barking Cleo! Cleo is home and happy, and an even greater joy to have around as she has manners now!

Again, thank you for the kindness and work you did, including the two hour brief when we picked her up. All the tips have been put into practice and we are grateful.

Grateful puppy parents,
Zeenat and Michael St Denis

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