November 5, 2020

Jen, Maria and staff,

I just wanted to update all on how everything is going now that Emmie has been with us for a few months. While originally hesitant to add another animal into otherwise tight quarters, she has proved to be a wonderful addition to our family. Emmie took to our home like she had always belonged. I joke with Michele that “my” dog is college-educated and she’d better ensure that the other two don’t try to lead her astray. She gets along with the other animals in the house and her playful nature makes her a pleasure to watch. She continues to be picky with her food but remains healthy and eats what she needs to maintain her weight. So again, we can’t thank you enough for providing us with this wonderful gift. How lucky for us to have such a world-classKennel right here in Canterbury! We knew from the first time we met Jen and the staff that QK was a special place. We had brought our rescue Henrie here, who we thought we would have to give up as he was so destructive around the house. I’ll never forget that first time Jen took our raging beast and in a matter of minutes had him sitting at her heel. Henrie turned out to be the most wonderful dog, and we have since trusted QK with the care of our canines whenever we’ve had need of training, kenneling or even just advice. That QK has grown into the establishment it’s become is no surprise, but to see that everyone you meet that works here shares the same passion and love of dogs is beautiful! We will ensure that Emmie gets back for some recreation time and to see her friends at the Kennel.

Until then…Best regards! David and Michele Fournier Canterbury Ct.

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