John Cullimore

June 13, 2018

Incredibly today marks the ten year anniversary for my German short haired pointer’s graduation from the Quinebaug kennels training camp.

To this day I still believe if it was not for your teams training, not only for Duchess but also for my wife and I, this adoption would have ended very badly.  Many so called experts said this breed could not survive and be happy in an apartment in NYC.  Way too much energy, she needs a back yard, etc.

I am very happy to report that ten years later she not only survived but thrived.  Running in central park everyday off leash with help from the e-collar allowed Duchess to live to her full potential.  In fact, as my training partner, she helped me qualify for the Boston marathon.  She averaged almost fifty miles per week!  “A tired dog is a happy dog.”  This was by far your best advice and I remember you stressing that to this day.

Once again I would like to thank you and your staff for helping Duchess become a huge part of our family.  And she is still going strong at almost twelve years old!


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