Kate Hodgkins

July 20, 2018

Our Aussie, Finn, just got home from grooming with AJ. He looks and feels amazing!

She did a great job and he is calm and not at all rattled by his experience. He was a rescue and is still not good with people other then immediate family. Trips to the vet, grooming, etc. can be very traumatic for Finn (even more so since we lost our older Aussie, Riley, to bone cancer in April). He came home today acting his normal goofy self.  AJ made him feel very comfortable for this to be his reaction to being away from us for several hours.

Finn was trained at QK a couple years ago and he has retained his training learned. Before going to QK for training Finn had no manners and was an escape artist. He has not once tried to leave our fenced in yard since his training. His running with the four wheeler at QK prepared him well for walks beside my mobility scooter.

We will continue to bring Finn to QK for kenneling, grooming, training, etc…

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