Kyrena Parkinson

November 7, 2018

I contacted Jennifer while my new pup was still in utero.  She is now 16 weeks.

From the time of my first visit to the kennel (before Dutch was born), through our first meeting together and initial introduction lesson I was continually confident in their philosophies and care.

Dutch just spent last week training/boarding and I must admit, it was harder than leaving my children for the first time! But I knew she was at a first rate establishment, would be safe with pups her own age, and not be over faced or manhandled in anyway. These were very important aspects to me.

Jennifer provided meaningful timely updates during Dutch’s stay and a follow up conversation when I picked her up. The staff was organized and Dutch was beautifully groomed and appropriately happy to see me again, not displaying any “get me outa here” behaviors. I know she had a beneficial experience. Dutch will be attending for another 10 days the first week of December.

I have to say, my schedule is a little wacky because I live in Pennsylvania, I do have family in CT which is part of the reason I chose QK. The big reason is Jennifer’s professionalism, her level of expectation of her staff and love of the dogs. I could not entrust my family the same way with my “baby”!

In your service,

Kyrena Parkinson

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