December 10, 2020

Quinebaug Kennels has been a game-changer for our family.  Never in all of our years of having dogs, have we had a “well behaved” one.  They were all sweet, but none were dogs that we could thoroughly enjoy because they were never properly trained.  We always wanted a dog that would just obey the basic commands – sit, stay, come, leave it.  We didn’t feel that our goals were lofty or that our expectations were too high.  We took our previous dogs to puppy Kindergarten and worked with private trainers but in the end, we failed at the follow-through because our dogs did not have a solid foundation of obedience.  Then we discovered QK and now are the proud owners of a well-behaved yet playful dog!  Mazy attended QK puppy boot camp with Kiira and when she was a bit older she returned for further training.  Mazy is so much fun to be with.  We take her with us everywhere knowing that she will come when called and do everything that is asked of her.  She is a dream on a leash and she even walks at “heel” on AND off leash!!  Thank you, Jennifer, Kiira, and everyone at QK for teaching Mazy and us how to live a happy life together!

Please give our best to Kiira.

Warm regards,

Katie de Chabert

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