Robert McInturff

March 6, 2017

Quinebaug offers more services for the dollar…

I have been a client of Jennifer Broome and Quinebaug Kennels for over six years.

As someone who resides over 60 miles from her farm, I must have a good reason to make the drive – and I do.

I first ran into Jennifer at Addieville East, where she was giving a retriever demonstration to close to 100 people. She was there as part of the grand opening of Robin Hollow Outfitters.

Jennifer’s demo was the best I had ever seen, giving excellent insights into technique and subtleties of temperament in each dog. I was impressed, her references were excellent, but I was most impressed with her responsiveness to my questions via phone, email and face to face. Her response was timely and business-like, and you got the sense that she was running a business, and was not just a person who “trains dogs.”

However, there were a number of excellent trainers who were within the same driving distance, so why pick Jennifer?

Jennifer offered more services for the dollar. Her training rates were similar to others, but she offered more “soft services for the dog’s well-being, specifically more exercise time, more time outside, and certainly more consistent physical and verbal contact with our dog.

Perhaps the most important reason was that my wife and children were most comfortable with Jennifer. Her interactions with them convinced them that our dog was at a great place, not puppy jail. The result has been that our dog has spent more and longer time at Quinebaug than if he were dropped off at another facility. The family refers to Riley being at “camp”, rather than at the kennel. That comfort probably gives Jennifer 2-3 weeks more kenneling time per year.

Quinebaug’s location is easy to get to, straight out of Massachusetts and a straight ride down 395. More importantly, the local area allows us to meander when we want, taking in the antiques, restaurants and other local attractions. As a result, the drive does not seem to be that long and therefore we choose to bring our dog to Quinebaug rather than a local facility.

Finally, I’ve referred five Massachusetts residents who have in turn brought their dogs to Jennifer for either training or boarding. Each has been thoroughly pleased, have returned, and like me, feel the few extra minutes it takes to get there is not a large hurdle and well worth it.

I’m excited about Jennifer’s expansion plans and anticipate the result will be that I spend more time at Quinebaug Kennels.”

Robert McInturff

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