Chris, Melissa, Owen & Landon

Update on Ellie one of the #QK7Arfs

Ellie recently joined her new family and here is what they had to say about her in a note to QK Dogs Owner & Lead Trainer, Jennifer Broome:


Ellie has become such an incredible addition to our family and we can’t thank you enough! Our experience with you has been top notch from day one! You asked us all the right questions, helping to narrow down a search for a dog that could immediately transition into our family. Your ability and willingness to find Ellie, and put her through the paces to see if she may be a good fit was above and beyond our expectations! Then the work you and your staff put in with her over the next month to address any concerns and desires we may have had were all met! Ellie transitioned into our home with ease, and it feels as if she has been with us forever. Thank you Quinebaug Kennels!!!!

Chris, Melissa, Owen & Landon

Kristen Joly

Thank you Kiira and the entire QK staff.  We now have harmony and balance in our home!

It has been two weeks since Oliver, our nine-month-old Bernese Mountain Dog, returned home from QK’s four-week boot camp program.  Kiira’s hard work and dedication has given us a remarkably obedient and confident pup who loves to show off his beautiful disposition.

Rewind to the months leading up to boot camp and the picture was of utter chaos!  Tipping the scale at 100+ lbs. by 6 months, Oliver was too strong for even the strongest member of our family.  Walking him on a lease was impossible, and it was a struggle to keep him from chasing, mouthing and grabbing at clothing.  He had also turned into a canine vacuum, attempting, and occasionally succeeding, to inhale anything he could get in his mouth. Keeping him safe was a fulltime job!  His relationship with the youngest members of the family was the worst. He was constantly using his size to “control” any interaction they had with him, and he refused to back down.

What a change! At the end of the four-week program Kiira reintroduced us to an amazing and respectful pup who is relaxed and craves learning. One thing that was mentioned early on was how the training would guide Oliver into becoming a better version of himself…this is so true.   Oliver consistently makes great choices even when faced with significant temptation. Daily walks are a pleasure, he responds wonderfully to voice commands, his recall is phenomenal, we are enjoying off-leash hikes, and boy does he know the “leave it” command!

Oliver is now a truly joyful part of our family.

Kiira, we cannot thank you enough for all that you have done.  We knew Oliver was in great hands and would receive an abundance of training, but the outcome is so much more than we had imagined.


The Joly Family

Lucy V.

 A note from Birdie’s owner to QK Obedience Trainer, Kiira Huhta:

Hi Kiira,

I may have emailed you this video last week, but she is doing amazing! She is really just a different dog. She used to hide when we tried to go for a walk because she hated not being able to run, but now she gets so excited when we take the leash out! Also, no more jumping on counters.

😁 Thank you so much for everything! Your training worked miracles!!

Best, Lucy

Peter Dreifus

My dog Ivy (a Finnish Lapphund) attended QK Dog’s 4-week boot camp this past Nov/Dec and she came home a way more confident and obedient dog!

I can’t say enough good things about QK Dog’s and Ivy’s trainer Chris Parry!

Ivy was 13 months old when she started boot camp. Somehow, last summer, Ivy became fearful of many noises outside and it made going on walks (and other things away from home) really difficult. She would hear a random noise that would spook her and then basically freeze/shutdown. She has been home for almost 3 weeks and now walks are great again. Plus, I have her off leash (primarily around the yard) and it is incredible how obedient she is.

I would highly recommend QK Dog’s boot camp program. While QK Dog’s is an hour from my house, I am planning on using them for boarding if we go away for more than a couple of days. The board and train program looks like a great option as well.

Thank you QK Dogs and thank you Chris!

Jenny & Joe

We snuck out for a short afternoon and Penny was AWESOME!

It’s a joy to watch her work and she showed off some serious skills, maintained a soft mouth, and followed through with her retrieve bird to hand. Thanks for the tune up; she’ll see you again soon!


Happy holidays,

Jenny & Joe

Susan Perelson

Our family is the biggest fan of QK.

Calvin has been going for the past three years.  Jess has done an amazing job with training and building self esteem in our six year old rescue.  The entire staff is warm, loving and professional and the facility looks more like sleep-away camp than a kennel. If your dog needs training or a place to board, I would highly recommend QK!  Thank you for taking such extraordinary care of a very important member of our family!  We are very grateful!

Amy B.

Thank you so much QK kennels for taking care of my Thomas.

This is the first time I’ve had to board him and I was very nervous to leave him. Kiira was great and kept me updated with pictures everyday and on how he was doing and it really put my mind at ease and let me enjoy my vacation! I can’t recommend them enough and will definitely be bringing Thomas back there again for boarding or even just a fun day at  daycare!



Conrad Ostrowski

Rudder loves his stays with you so much and I know it’s because of your staff and programs.

Let me say who ever groomed him did a great job made him look like a show dog.  So thank you for the great care. He’s looking forward to his next stay in dog paradise.
Conrad Ostrowski

Walt and Sue Cormier

I wanted to take a moment and write to you about our experience with your services and provide a testimony.

At the time of my initial contact with QK, our Golden Doddle “Jackson” was almost 5 months in age 45lbs in weight and growing rapidly. His veterinarian referred to him as a big goofy puppy, my wife and I referred to him as our little possessed pupperdoddle. Quite honestly, we considered the heart-breaking notion of giving him up as he just wouldn’t behave well at all. It was the end of March, I contacted QK and inquired about your puppy programs. Ms. Jessica Velasquez returned my call and thoroughly explained each one of the programs to me and assured me that she could relate to Jackson as well as my Wife and I as owners. She was so positive in her approach to addressing my concerns and left me without any doubt that she could deliver a well-trained companion at the completion of your program. Following our conversation, I asked her to reserve a spot for the soonest opening which was the week of April 22nd. Although I do have to admit, as misbehaved as he was, the thought of sending him away for training was very difficult. Unfortunately, our culture today breeds doubt and lack of trust of others, but there was something about Jessica that led me to discern that she was someone special, someone we could completely trust to manage the care and training of our pup. I wasn’t wrong!!

For my testimony I guess I would like to start by asking a question, “Why in the world is Jessica an Assistant Trainer”? As far as I’m concerned, she’s the “Master Trainer”. Our puppy was literally transformed, the confidence he gained while at QK is amazing. The process we witnessed during our visits was unbelievable. We were besides ourselves every time we worked with Jessica and him at seeing the progress. We realize you must hear this stuff all the time but you need to know that Jackson doesn’t counter surf, grab the toilet paper (or anything else) and run, grab stuff from the waste basket, jump up on anyone, pull on his leash, mouth anyone, bark when he shouldn’t, bolt out the door or the yard just to mention a few of the issues he had before he visited QK. Don’t misunderstand what I’m trying to say, he is very much still a puppy at 7 months and he has his moments, the great thing is how he reacts to the techniques that Jessica taught us in correcting him. Everything is so positive; he even sleeps in our bedroom on the floor or on his new Kuranda bed verses in his crate because we can trust him now. Our neighbors are convinced that we traded him in for a different dog. QK dogs made us a promise and you not only kept that promise; you exceeded our expectations! The small investment we made in trusting QK dogs will pay dividends for years to come. Susan and I are very thankful and grateful for the hard work and loving care that was put into Jackson while at QK. Of course, we would be very remiss not to mention the other team members we met and worked with. Darcy and Patricia were great upon arrival making us and Jackson feel very comfortable, AJ who was so good with Jackson and somehow managed to send him home clean and well-groomed and of course the young man (I forgot his name but did meet him) who fed Jackson daily and we’re sure there were more involved that we didn’t meet.


Sent with much Gratitude!

Walt and Sue Cormier and of course Jackson

Paige & Tyler

Thank you again for everything you did with (our puppy) Zeke.

He has been adjusting great back at home and we will be working with him every day. He is much more respectful of our space and even our older dog. We took him to Lowe’s yesterday and he did great even when people would come to see him.  Thank you again for everything. We are very appreciative!

Paige & Tyler