Training Building Renovation Update

June 7, 2017

By Jennifer Broome

The renovation of our training building is in full swing and it is all happening quickly! The masons were in and out in just 4 days and replaced the lower walls of the building after Jason built temporary support walls and removed all of the wood. You can already feel the ‘vibe’ of the building feels happier. The concrete block will be much easier to maintain and keep clean. Next on the list is to add our new heating and air conditioning system to increase the ventilation and air exchange. The building currently has radiant heat as well. Jason will also be redoing the entire drain system to match what we did in the Lodge. The new system will have individual drains in each kennel run to prevent cross contamination. The last big project will be to redo the floors. We have Permatek Flooring coming into to install our new Prime Coat Coating Systems just like the floors that we have in the Lodge Building. Then the walls will get coated in fiberglass FRP panels that are chew resistant and easy to clean. The custom Mason Kennel dividers and front hand woven chain link gates were all removed and will be thoroughly pressure washed, disinfected and deep cleaned. Then it is back in Jason’s hands to repair all of the sheet rock, paint, reseal all of the current concrete and stone, reinstall the Mason Kennel system and make it all pretty for our canine guests. We hope to be back in the building for the 1st of July!
Phewwwww. Thank GOODNESS for Jason.

New block work looking at the front door and entry

Old wooden walls and stripped epoxy floors

Clean, dry, CHEW PROOF walls!

New block work

Old wood walls that were damaged from 12 years of dog destruction and daily hosing and disinfecting….BYE BYE!