Training Refresher Packages Now Available!

November 14, 2018

10% off of Training Fees

We support and appreciate our loyal and dedicated QK clients!  Starting new for 2019 we will be offering discounted refresher training for any dog that has graduated from our 4 week boot camp obedience courses or any hunting dogs that have graduated from 6 or more weeks of combined gun dog training.

Dogs NEVER forget the QK Foundation training… they may just get rusty from their owners not enforcing the rules.

Let us enroll your QK Graduate in daily, weekly or a month long refresher stay to polish up and fine tune them with structured one-on-one training by a QK Trainer.

We will work on your dog’s mental and physical fitness with lots of exercise, group pack play, patience and manners work and countless hours of tedious leash or off leash obedience to get them back on track or just to keep them sharp.

Regular Boot Camp for Obedience $420 per week

Refresher packages $375 per week

Regular Gun Dog Training $455 per week

Refresher packages $410 per week (birds extra)

Consider this deal! Our boarding fees are $45 per day or $315 per week.

Add refresher training for Obedience for only $60 more for the week or $8.50/day!

Add refresher training for Gun Dog only $95 more for the week or $13.50/day!

What is ‘Refresher’ Training? We will evaluate the current behavior issues or rusty obedience tendencies and work diligently to sharpen up what they have been previously taught in order to improve their overall obedience, increase the leash standard, and send home a tired, better behaved dog!

Restrictions: This discounted package is only for refresher training that was done at QK for our 4 week obedience graduates or gun dog graduates. Refresher training will not apply to dogs that need more behavioral training due to aggression issues or extended training for obedience or gun dog that was not previously taught at QK.