Want to become a dog trainer?

October 12, 2017

We are developing a new program at QK Dogs that helps us to find new trainers. We are proud to say that every day our phones ring off the hook with new clients reaching out for help training their dogs. While it is a good thing to be busy, we cannot keep up with the demand with our current trainers. We have worked diligently to create a new program that offers interested candidates the opportunity to interview with us, learn about our techniques, and enroll into our 90 day paid Apprentice Program.

Our Apprentice Program is broken down into 3 thirty day segments where we teach, demonstrate, mentor and have our students work our training dogs to gain hands on experience each week. We start with kennel care and feeding, basic leash walking and keeping the dogs calm, we teach how to properly approach and read dog’s body language, we explain and demonstrate proper leash handling skills and continue on to intermediate and advanced on and off leash skills.

This Apprentice Program is 25 hours per week part time from 7am until noon Monday through Friday. Candidates are graded each week on their performance, capability to demonstrate basic work ethic and responsibility, ability to learn and progress efficiently through the Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced training. If the Candidates average good to excellent scores on our weekly grading system they will move on each week and each month to complete the program and graduate.

Upon graduating from the Apprentice Program the Candidate can apply for an Assistant Trainer position. We are looking to hire several new trainers for Spring 2018!

We are eager to find people who love dogs, love the outdoors, enjoy independent work and teaching people, and have the stamina, determination and drive to train dogs. It is hard work, it takes patience, persistence, repetition and passion.

Think you would like a career training dogs? Send a cover letter and resume to QK Owner Jennifer Broome jbroome@qkdogs.com
We are starting Apprentice Programs November 1st.