What is “Included” in a Boarding Day at QK?

June 8, 2018

By Jennifer Broome, QK Owner

We have never posted our prices online for our services because people may just see those numbers and not read further about what exactly that includes. QK Dogs has always been of the belief that the ways we present our facility, our well-trained experienced staff and our rules and policies are a direct reflection on the ways that we care for your dogs. We wholeheartedly want all of our boarding dogs to feel well cared for and to be part of our “PaQK”. We never want a dog to be “bored” when at our board and wellness facility!

Our flat boarding rate is $45 per dog, per day. Additional dogs from the same family are $40 per day if sharing a run.

When we refer to “Boarding” we should probably rename it more like:

“All inclusive care to meet your dog’s individual needs to keep them happy!”

We do not charge extra for these services and we never have! We believe that every dog in our care deserves to enjoy the outdoors, the primal instinct enjoyment of PaQK socialization, extra exercise runs in-harness with the ATV on our nature trails, hand walks for the old timers, treadmill workouts and individually prepared meals to include owner’s supplements and medications as needed.

Are here are the Extras:

Additionally, we want to always help you by offering our dog care services to include grooming, nail care, and wellness care. Our retail products include custom supplements, superior foods, great chew toys and bones, beds and other products, and they are all about good health and welfare for your dog.

Additional canine services we offer are grooming packages from kennel baths to spa services with trims, cuts, shaves, nails and more. Price upon request depending on dog’s coat and size.

Aqua Treadmill Packages are $50 per week to include two custom water workouts. For the athletic dog that needs to burn more energy, build muscle or work endurance and fitness training, we do more challenging interval work. For the geriatric dogs, arthritic dogs or overweight dogs, the buoyancy of the water allows the dogs to move more freely, have less stress on joints and enjoy the many benefits of warm aqua therapy sessions.

Lastly, clients may choose to have us add some one-on-one training sessions while their dogs board with us. We charge an additional $45 per private training session where your dog would be part of the training dog group for part of the day for patience line training, socialization time and leash or off-leash training depending on your training goals.

We are looking forward to your visit this year! See you soon.