What’s New at QK?

October 11, 2018

By Jennifer Broome, QK Owner

We have had some pretty big changes with our QK training program this summer. We lost several trainers that have moved on to new careers or paths in their lives and we greatly thank them for their years of commitment to QK. When some doors close others may open wide and for me, it has been an incredible opportunity to get back to my roots and train dogs!

I started training dogs back in my early twenties. I pursued a dream to own a farm and train dogs. Fast forward over 20 years later and look at what has been accomplished! Thanks to my supportive husband who is our tireless Operations and Grounds Manager and QK Vice President, as well as our dedicated employees, we have collectively created one of the finest dog facilities in the entire northeast!

For the past 4 years, I have lived in my office working on growing the company as well as promoting those that I have mentored, guided, and supported. This time behind the computer, working with managers, marketing teams, and other think tank people has had me spending my time growing the company and working on it rather than being involved in it. While this work has been rewarding, painstaking, and intense, the hard work paid off with the continued growth and success of the QK Brand!

Well, I am now back training dogs again and running the dog training program.  Since August 1st, I have taken back the reins and gotten back to my love and passion for training dogs and coaching people. With the wonderful addition of Chris Parry, our new QK Training manager and Assistant Gun Dog Trainer, we are growing stronger than ever.

Jennifer and Chris with a group of young pups on a woodland hunt

We are truly thankful for the support of our dedicated clients.

We promise to continue to provide you and your canine friends with the very best training, boarding, and care.

Looking forward to a successful 2019 season with exciting new training programs, clinics, classes, lessons and ideas that will be sure to keep you enjoying the bond and relationship we all share with our beloved canine companions!