What’s New at QK?

August 3, 2017

By Jennifer Broome, QK Owner

A new training building has been renovated to house dogs witch are enrolled at QK for different training needs. The training building renovation is slightly behind schedule, BUT we will be open for dogs in another day or two! The QK Team is reinstalling all of the outdoor kennels as I type this email. The interior kennel work is all finished and we will be reinstalling the guillotine doors with new hardware today. How exciting! It has a bright new look, new walls, floors and paint.

The next stage will be to finish the front entrance room which will now be individual work desks for our trainers. Each trainer has their own computer and phone in order to keep notes and records on their training, email clients on the dog’s progress, and reach out to the many new clients that seek our help every day for dog training.

The back room kitchen area will also be getting a complete facelift with new counters, a stainless steel work station to prepare food dishes and new shelving to store food and supplies. We will also be constructing 6 built-in crates to specifically house dogs with aggression issues, those working on crate manners or training, and just added areas to utilize while we move dogs around throughout the day, after baths, or for specific rest time.

The weather is here and QK is BEAUTIFUL!

We are so happy to have Lee Wrigley on our QK Team! Lee is our neighbor and previously owned Westview Gardens. He is a gardening expert and he planted all of our landscaping at The Lodge. We are into year 2 now with our new garden and I am overwhelmed by the beauty of our gardens! Each season, as we grow and build our strong capable QK Team, we are able to not only keep the kennel grounds and facility looking AMAZING, we are able to tackle more projects that help to create more useful areas for our QK dogs and clients.

The Lodge Building

The training field and parking area

The Training Building

Play yard

Play yard

Play yard

Pretty nice….for a dog facility right!?!?

Yeah, we are pretty proud of it!  The inside of the facility is equally gorgeous, well maintained and clean.  We would not have it any other way.

My personal office is in the above photo in the second story window which my QK Team has named “The Treehouse”.  I love this spot because while I work at my desk throughout the day I can look over the grounds and watch some of the dogs in the play yard, watch the trainers, and view the clients as they come and go.