Your Dog’s ID Tag Could Be A Lifesaver

March 25, 2018

By Jennifer Broome, QK Owner

The third weekend in April is National Pet ID week. How many of your dogs wear identification collars?  I have to admit my dogs are NEVER without their ID collars. Even though they look so pretty ‘naked’ or collarless, I panic if my dogs don’t have on their collars!

Why the importance of an ID collar? Well, if your dog was to wander off, an ID collar could be best chance to have them safely returned if someone found them. In the case of an accident, dogs can get scared and run off. A collar may help with their safe return.

Your dog is microchipped you say, so you do not need a collar!? Well, the only way a microchipped dog can be identified is by a veterinarian, shelter or rescue that has a microchip reader. This means that it could be hours or days before the microchip is actually located, and this could mean time in a shelter or dog pound. Additionally, my feelings are that if someone found your dog lost, injured, or scared they would be much more open to help if there was a clear form of identification on the dog, and this quick action may help to save your dog’s life!

What should you put on an ID collar!? I NEVER put my dog’s name on their collar. Who cares if someone knows my dog’s name, I know their name and if found, the ONLY thing that I want is for them to be returned. In the case of dishonest people and dog thieves, having your dog’s name on their collar simply gives these criminals your dog’s identity making it even easier for them to now keep or sell YOUR dog as their own new pet. All of my dog ID collars say:


Jennifer Broome

My cell # and my town and state

You could even use the tagline:


This further demonstrates the need for your dog’s safe return and could even deter possible dognappers from stealing your dog if he or she needed medications (even if it may be a little white lie).

What collars are the best?

I am a fan of the synthetic biothane or leather feel collars. These plastic coated nylon collars are very strong and they do not hold moisture which harbors bacteria. They do not get snagged on briars or get debris stuck in them. Also, I am ONLY a fan of buckled collars on my dogs.  Those adjustable collars with plastic clips slip, loosen, come off and the plastic often breaks with wear.

Leather Feel Synthetic Collars O Ring

What about those dangling ID tags? No way! Many of those tags are made of aluminum and they easily break off. They can also get hung up on things which could get your dog tangled. Lastly, the nonstop jingle must be incredibly annoying to dogs!

The best ID tags are plates that are pop riveted right to the collars. These rarely come off, they make no noise, and they are easy to read.

Let QK help you with your ID Collars!

We offer a variety of ID collars in biothane or leather feel in dayglow colors, reflective materials, and O ring or D ring options.

Plastic Coated Nylon (Biothane) D Ring

DayGlo Biothane with Reflective Strip (D Ring Shown) or O Ring

Call QK Dogs to order your custom collar today!

We will have these collars shipped to you with your custom brass nameplate for under $20 per collar. Order multiple collars and get 10% off each additional collar. (Tax not included)

Ask for Patricia or email her to order your dog’s life-saving collar!